Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time - aka Week 2

Note: Contains reference to racist sports team names.
Yep - football is back! And while last week didn't quite go off as I had dreamed, well now there's this week. So, my picks are:
*Baltimore Ravens - Oakland Raiders - Going with Baltimore here. Yay - starting well here! 1-0
Minnesota Vikings - *Carolina Panthers - The Vikings got lucky last week. I don't think that'll work this time. Fine, so they do well against teams with injured RBs. 1-1
* Cincinnati Bengals - Cleveland Browns - Some day it'll be the Browns turn, but not yet. Yay for me! 2-1
* Chicago Bears - Detroit Lions - Should be mostly defense, but maybe the Bear's defense is better at being an offense too. Another - it's almost a trend. 3-1
* Philadelphia Eagles - New York Giants - Philly's first home game and a division rival - should be a good fight though. I (as well as many people who saw this game) should have been right. If we just ignore the fourth quarter... 3-2
* Miami Dolphins - Buffalo Bills - Miami's first home game. (Okay it's half these teams' first home game). It'll be tight, but I think Miami can take them. Totally wrong about that! 3-3
Green Bay Packers - *New Orleans Saints-Should also be tight, but I think New Orleans can continue what they started last week. A bit of a barn burner, but the Saints took it home. 4-3
*Indianapolis Colts - Houston Texans - Please. Since the Skins go up against the Texans next, I will point out that they have some wonderful, dedicated players and Indy is a really tough opponent. 5-3
*Atlanta Falcons - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa's struggling a bit, and Atlanta's coming back home. Poor Tampa. 6-3
* Seattle Seahawks - Arizona Cardinals - Seattle's got it going on. Yeah they do! 7-3
San Francisco 49ers - *St. Louis Rams- The Rams beat a decent team last week without scoring a touchdown. Apparently two in a row was too much. 7-4
* Denver Broncos - Kansas City Chiefs- I think Denver's really embarrassed about last week, I normally would say that's not quite enough to take the Chiefs, but the Chiefs lost their QB. (Of course if he suddenly gets better...) The wind makes a super low scoring game. 8-4
New York Jets - *New England Patriots-It should be a good battle but the Jets aren't quite consistent enough to beat the Pats. Not bad. 9-4
* San Diego Chargers * Tennessee Titans- The Chargers are playing well. More of a rout than I expected. 10-4
Dallas Cowboys - *Washington Redskins-It's really a question of who's madder about losing last week (since they were both dumb losses). I think the Redskins want it more. (And the Cowboys have that idiot playing for them now.) Apparently the Skins didn't know how to properly demonstrate their want. 10-5
*Pittsburgh - Jacksonville - The Steelers aren't sure who'll be in at QB, and last year the Jags pounded a back-up QB, but it wasn't this back-up QB. We1l, go Jax! 10-6
Updated with results.