Monday, October 02, 2006

Dear Folks #2

Dear Person In the Car Behind Me,
I am aware that when the light turns green you get to go. However, in our country it is frowned upon to run over pedestrians. Since we were in a right turn only lane, I can only assume you were unaware of this rule, and that is why you felt the need to honk at me repeatedly while I waited for the people who were crossing with a walk signal in a crosswalk to get out of harm's way. I hope that thrity seconds didn't seriously impact your day.

Dear Furniture Delivery People,
I appreciate that you arrived in advance of the set time window in which I had been told to expect you. Where things got sticky was when you suggested that I owed you special consideration - wink, wink, nudge nudge - since you had to wait for me. When I am told my furniture will arrive between one and six, since I have a job, I try to go to it for the first part of the day. I planned to be home at one-ish, and since my first contact was when you were already in the hallway of my building (before one) - I appreciate that it might have appeared to you as if I was late. In actuality I was not late until one. (At which point, I wasn't quite there yet, and for that I apologize). And pointing out that you hadn't had lunch yet, did little for me, since neither had I in my race to get home to open the door for you. But that's okay, you guys placed the couch with it's back to the television which I'm sure made you feel a little better.