Thursday, September 14, 2006

Project Runway - Ep 10

I give Project Runway credit - while using what are fairly standard reality show twists, they still manage to surprise me. So this week they brought back the last two designers eliminated - Vincent and Angela. Just about any other year I would have loved this idea. Heidi reminded us (and the designers) that she had hinted there would be other benefits to winning challenges - and both Vincent and Angela had won a challenge, so they were getting a second shot. Except they would only get to stay if they won the challenge. All seems very fair.

Except Vincent and Angela were the two I felt were barely hanging on.* Vincent and Angela were the two I felt had survived only because other people did more ridiculous things. And they were the two I actually had questions about their wins. I didn't like Vincent's outfit and felt Uli should have won the Everyday Woman Challenge. And Angela's win was a team challenge. Sure - as she said when Laura mentioned to her that others might be a little resentful about her return - it was her design. But it was really a team effort and in many ways Angela was really fortunate she had Michael and Laura - both very strong - as her team members. Had she been working with Vincent again and Jeffrey, she would not have won. So, while I thought it was a great idea, I was really hoping to say goodbye to Vincent and Angela again at the end.

The challenge was to design a cocktail dress using black and white - the idea being that by limiting the palette, the dress becomes the focus. The twist was that they had to use all fabric purchased (which they were told before they made their fabric purchases. And while I understand the concern, and some of the designers were very clever in their use, I was surprised that no one seemed to consider lining all or part of the outfit with the excess. But, I'm not a designer.

And yay - Laura won! I adore her. I want to channel my inner Laura (and my inner Nina Garcia too). And I give her credit. Michael is really the only one in the competition who hasn't trash talked anyone. He has consistently said congratulations to the other winners (this shouldn't be standout behavior but it is) and consistently said heartfelt goodbyes to the ousted. But Laura is a close second, she and Michael worked together on two team challenges, and bonded early. She has been out there for him when she felt others were taking advantage. She has said things that weren't warm and fuzzy, but they were honest, in some cases honestly concerned for the designer, and not in the, "I'm just being honest" way that Jeffrey has.

And Kayne - I'm tempted to blame your model. Which I know is unfair, but there is one model in this competition who has worn more winners and I think your model has worn more bottom threes and twos than anyone. (This is an unofficial tally based mostly on my memory, so it could be wrong). But after that first challenge with Amanda, that's when your stuff started going a bit far. Now I thought your couture gown was lovely, and this week you failed to really incorporate white. (Of course Jeffrey failed half the dog challenge and he's still there). Love ya! I'm sorry you had to go but I'm glad you're taking Vincent and Angela with you.

For the remaining:
Jeffrey - I often wonder if people think being the jerk is a useful role or if they really are like this. Nonetheless, while I appreciated your ingenuity in using the excess fabric for leggings, I still thought your outfit this week looked trashy.
Laura - It was a great dress. And I really would love to see you in the final three, because I'd love to see you do a collection.
Michael - No matter the result (although I think you are a shoo-in for the final three barring a catastrophe of horrid proportions) - you have participated in a way to do yourself proud.
Uli - Earlier I said I thought you were showing range with a consistent point of view. I may have spoken to soon. While your cotoure-like dress was a stretch, I'm tiring of your stuff a bit. Although I do like that you are not afraid of prints.

*Let me repeat my earlier disclaimer here: I absolutely think that all of these designers have talent. But not all of them are cut out (sorry) to be reality show contestants. Or at least not on this show.