Wednesday, April 15, 2009

7 Things: Sex and Seniors:

Yeah, not high school seniors, senior citizens. "The Daily Show" segment poked some fun, but as the segment showed there are rising STD rates in the senor citizen population right now. Here's why.
1. Senior citizens are not concerned about pregnancy.
2. Senior citizens often did not get any sort of comprehensive sexual education. (In the "Daily Show" segment, one of the seniors asks if genital warts are really an STD and says he doesn't think they are contagious. Wrong.)
3. Many senior citizens had one partner for so long, they are unaccustomed to having discussions about safe sex with their partners. Or even to ask if they are their partner's only partner right now.
4. Since in the US males tend to die sooner than females, the senior citizen population, particularly in retirement and other senior-based communities, there are significantly less males than females.
5. This does not mean that less female seniors are having sex than male seniors.
6. Many senior citizens are operating under the belief that most of these diseases only happen to other people or, if fatal, probably wouldn't harm them any faster than anything else.
7. Many senior citizens are embarrassed to talk about sex. Leading to them being embarrassed to attend any classes their community might host and to be too embarrassed to discuss safe sex practices with their partners.