Wednesday, April 08, 2009

TV and Book Sychronicity

I coincidentally had three stories in my lineup that I read while in or on the way to Vegas that mentioned Vegas. (I did not plan that. Seriously.) Although, now that I've been there, plus having watched all those episodes of "Vegas" as research, people calling it LVPD ticks me off. As much as people calling it DCPD. (It is the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Metropolitan Police Department respectively. Yes, I see how that can be confusing to readers. But not using it ticks off people who know better.)
And, tying in to "Dollhouse" I am partway through a story that involves both Las
Vegas and human trafficking.
And there has been knitting synchronicity since after knitting several patterns with
multi-wrapped stitches, I have now ends up with two patterns that used arrowhead
lace. (Promise, I will work on catching up with knitting blog posts.)