Friday, April 10, 2009

A Sign of the Times

I currently have about four bottles of moisturizer in my bathroom. All the same brand. No, I am not particularly worried about facial moisture. However, I had noticed my current bottle was running low. The bottle has a pump top that seems destined to leave a quarter inch in the bottom of the bottle, but I undo the cap and scoop out the remainder. But that's also a good sign to line up the next bottle. Only, when I was in the store I noticed that while the price hadn't changed, the bottle size had - from 4 ounces to 2.5. So, I immediately went across the street and found an old size bottle and bought that too. And I found another at another store. So, now I have four. The moisturizer has sunscreen so there's a limit to how many it makes sense to stock up on. But yes, I am now stockpiling moisturizer as a sign of the economy.