Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Most Things Don't Stay in Vegas

So, I went to Vegas last week.
First time trip and I went with another first timer. We statyed in the MGM Grand (Yes, just days before the ACMs, but no I did not notice anyone famous.) The guidebooks had warned that the first visit (which this was, for me and my friend) is about sensory overload, and subsequent visits can be used for getting a little more out of it all. We also made a side trip to the Grand Canyon, which was as amazing in person at you might hope. We went to the west rim, where the skywalk is, and then to Guano Point where we were assured the best views were. (No, I do not know who decided such things.)
The other days we walked. Walked up and down the strip. In and out of a good portion of the hotels. (Neither of us was much of a gambler so, we each stuck a 20 in a poker machine, had some fun and stopped.) We went to Starbucks a lot. We did a lot of window shopping, and then finally some real shopping. We agreed to listen to a timeshare presentation and were rewarded (upon our escape) with dinner and a show (Trader Vic's - yum and "V: The Variety Show" - funny). We saw the fountain show in front of the Bellagio. We tried out various restaurants in our hotel in particular (the almond crusted lemon chicken at Pearl is everything you could wish for) and we took in the sights.
We hit almost everything we really wanted to and have a good list for next time (Neon Museum, yarn store, more food).