Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Because It's All About Me

I have particularly enjoyed the locations of the last two legs of "The Amazing Race" since I have been to both Guilin and Beijing, although Beijing's construction pace (and the Olympics) mean that the skyline has changed drastically since I was there. It was particularly amusing since I got a foot massage (although in Guilin, which our tour guide assured us was known for it's massages) and I will tell you that it does kind of hurt, although my reflexologist was a bit kinder. (The ones in the detour seemed a little more focused on the pain aspect. Although my friend - who opted for a full body massage in Guilin, had a therapist who did not seem familiar with the words ouch, or softer, and she did end up with actual bruises, small though they were.)
And yes, my focus on the location is partly because we have reached that sad part of "The Amazing Race" where I dislike at least one person on all of the remaining teams. (Yes, if I went on a reality show people would dislike me too, especially if I had been travelling for two weeks straight. Doesn't help me like them more.)
Along the Li River

View From Elephant Hill in Guilin

Temple of Heaven in Beijing