Friday, April 17, 2009

Dumb or Dumber - You Decide

One can only imagine that this gentleman was trying to top the dude who punched the crime mascot.
A guy walks into a bar...okay, kidding, he walks into a hotel. Pays no attention to the sign welcoming the Pennsylvania Narcotic Officers' Association conference. He heads into the men's room and decides to rob the next guy who walks in with the help of the trusty gun he brought. You might say he was a tad lucky that it was a retired cop that walked in next (as opposed to an active or on duty cop). Or you might not, since as soon as he left the bathroom with the stolen wallet and cell phone, said victim pulled out his own weapon and followed the robber. Other conference attendees noticed and helped apprehend the suspect. My favorite part, happens to be that as he was led from the courtroom Mr. Blanchett (accused robber) was asked for a comment and responded with, "I'm smooth."
Apparently there is some new slang definition of smooth I am not familiar with.

*Hat tip to Surviving the Workday for the link.