Monday, April 20, 2009

Book Rant: Babies in the Backseat

Remember how annoyed "Jesus Take the Wheel" made me. (Hey, ChaliceChick agrees with me.) Well, I have found another level. I was reading book in which the baby's father and only caregiver had the baby in the car in the middle of an ice storm as the father was driving up a mountain to make a delivery. (It was, of course, medicine to create some sort of justification for why the child's only caregiver would risk both himself and the child in such dangerous driving weather.)
Recognizing that the chances that this drive would be successful going both up and down the mountain were slim, the father decided to drop the baby off at a house he spotted from the road because God told him that this person was a good person and it would all be okay.
Now I am not saying that God or Jesus or whomever can't talk to you. I'm just saying that whatever divine powers you believe in might want to to take a little more care in deciding who looks after your child.
I have to confess I did not make it far through this book, so I do not know if later there was some explanation for why when the father got the call to make the delivery he didn't say, "I'm sorry but road conditions or treacherous so I cannot make this trip today risking both myself and my child." Or why he didn't arrange for proper childcare before he left. Or why, realizing that road conditions were treacherous, he decided that his child was better off with a random stranger.
(And honestly, had the point of the book been that he returned to the house to discover the stranger and the baby had disappeared, twisted person that I am, I would have found that interesting.)