Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yes!: Clue 1 Completed!

However many weeks later (it's not a race, I have other things knit and not, and really it's not a race, speed is not important...) I have finally finished Clue 1 for the Mystery Stole!
I have learned a lot about myself and my limitations and my willingness to live with and love imperfections (I love them all!), er that is to say personalized design features. And really, I got to the point where I was a little jealous of all the folks trying to figure out how to entertain themselves amid long stretches of plain stitches (if I keep going there are plain stitches?) and in all fairness I don't mean to imply that this pattern is overly difficult or hard to follow. But it is a constantly evolving pattern, which makes it kind of cool to do as a mystery project where you have no idea of the whole picture. This works very well for people like me who never read the recipe or the pattern through before doing it anyway.
And this yarn is plied pretty tightly so it has survived being tugged and frogged and all that.
MS3 - Clue 1
I am using the bamboo circulars which do have a bit of a bump at the join. I think with silk that works pretty well to keep suicidal stitches from leaping off the needles but certainly if I had an overly delicate yarn it might be problematic.
I have clue 2 printed out and who knows, I might get that finished, you know, this month or something.