Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pink is Cool

I recognize that pink occasionally gets a rap for being girly or young, but really, just like any other color, it is quite versatile. So, I was a little befuddled to hear that a judge offered pink t-shirts as part of a sentence for two criminals in Alabama. So, I searched for pictures wondering if perhaps it was a neon pink, which doesn't suit a lot of people and is hard to match or something. But actually, the shirts these two wore were very nice pinks. So, really it was the fact that the shirts stated "Convicted of..." that made them punishment, not the pink.
I find this alternative sentencing really interesting. I think in this country we suffer from a confusion about what we are trying to attempt with criminals, trying to achieve both punishment and rehabilitation at the same time. While this falls clearly in the punishment camp, I think it seems appropriate based on the crimes - public intoxication and theft - and certainly an interesting attempt at providing a punishment that should hopefully deter future offenses while not adding to crowded prisons.