Monday, August 06, 2007

A Record for Chocolate

I have a cold and am suffering from a related lack of sleep. So perhaps that's why I find it especially funny and yet pathetic that a woman was arrested for stealing fudge. Now, while I don't recommend or condone stealing, I have an appreciation for fudge and could understand how one might be overtaken by an immediate need for some. Some. However, stealing so much fudge that it is falling out of your pockets even after attempting to flush some down the toilet is wasteful. Certainly there is no passel of children on their last legs for want of fudge. (And really, stealing more than you can consume is especially rude.)
But the story is even better since the woman herself called police concerning a separate matter and in the course of talking with her, the police found the overflowing fudge suspicious and began looking into that.
Perhaps this woman has some issues, and if so, I hope she gets the help she needs. I am tickled by the idea of applying for a job somewhere and having to explain you were arrested for stealing fudge. (I don't know why that seems sillier than televisions, but somehow it does.) But really, leave some for the rest of us.