Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Five Things

A fellow cherry talked about living how you want since you never know how long you have. As I mentioned, a high school classmate died unexpectedly in her sleep last week. So, I thought I would come up with five things I haven't done and pledge to get them done. They aren't grand, they are just things I have been meaning to do and haven't made proper space for.
1. Swim. In the pool in my apartment building. Last summer I was so caught up in the whole unpacking thing. This year - no excuse. Did it - several times. I actually miss it now that it is closed.
2. Finish a story. I would love to finish my NaNo story, but since I'm putting a deadline on this stuff, just something.
3. Finish a sweater with sleeves. You laugh, but as many sweaters as I have cast on this year...none of the long sleevers have made it off the needles. (And I wonder why I can never find any needles.) Progress. The Crazy Sweater. Yay!
4. Contact at least five people I have fallen out of touch with. As is so often the case, when these things happen you realize how much you wish you had stayed in better touch with people. This was way easier than I thought. I not only reached out to over five people, I heard back from over five people. Yay!
5. Get the boxes out of my kitchen. I know, I know. I keep trying to attack it methodically, but clearly I need a better method. Not much fun, but it is tied to getting my place in shape to invite people over. Progress. More Progress.
Updated with progress - 9/13/07, 11/14/2007