Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Yarn

I realized I had been remiss in sharing some of my yarn purchases. I have one or two that are headed out to other folks, so I won't talk about them just yet, even if I bought a similar skein for myself.
I have talked a little about my love for Nikki yarn, and you can imagine my joy when finding the LYS had a new colorway.
Nikki and Patagonia
And there just happened to be some Nature Cotton in a coordinating blue. It was like a sign!
Anyhoo, I hit a new(ish) LYS this past weekend and picked up more cotton (it was on sale) and also some gorgeous Neighbor Fibre Co stuff. I heard about this somewhere in blogland, and just love it. I love the idea of supporting local crafters and Karida has created a monster as I feel I must support all the places I live, have lived and/or regular frequent. And since rarely are you ever squarely in one neighborhood, but often straddling or bordering a few, that is a lot of yarn. And then there are the ones that are just pretty (okay, they're all pretty.)
Yarn Goodies
So this one, hanging with the cotton is Kingman Park, which, falls into the just pretty category. (No offense Kingman Park. You are lovely, but I have never lived there, and I haven't spent much time there, so my allegiance to your namesake yarn is because it's pretty.)