Thursday, August 02, 2007

Enough With the Deep Thoughts

Between the stories of joy and sadness coming out in the wake of the MN bridge collapse and hearing that a high school classmate I had lost touch with passed away unexpectedly, I have had enough with the deep thoughts for today.
So, instead I offer this.
Made of Sugar and Cream Yarn in Hot Green and Key Lime with #4's and based on the Bubby pattern this bear is gearing up for the move to his new home which will be with an about to be one year old. I expect him to be well gummed. In preparation, I jiggled his head many times, just because I could. (You knit the head second, so until body is sealed off the head jiggles something fierce.)
It was a quick, in a weekend kind of knit. A nice break from some of my other projects.