Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I got my invite to Ravelry. So exciting. I am on there as Random Ranter.
If you have somehow missed the buzz, the kind folks over at Ravelry has an idea. What if there was a place fiber folk could go to log their stash, their projects, and their experiences with those projects. What if it let you search to find out what other people had done with such and such yarn or this or that pattern. And so they set about creating it. And they asked some folks to help test it. And then they asked those folks to spread the word. And next thing they new they had about 5000 people on their waiting list - bigger than their wildest dreams. (As Yarn Harlot says, the knitters are a powerful force.) So they are working their butts off getting people invited but it is still in a beta stage. And it is a free site run by two people in their spare time (although it looks awesome). I went on and logged some projects and I think this is going to be so cool.