Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Jersey

Now, the Capitals previously had two jerseys - you can see them here. I hated the black one. First of all, black is boring and dark jerseyed teams tend to get more penalties. Second, the font on the player names made them very difficult to read, I could read the opposing teams jerseys better and I didn't know their names. This was less of a problem when the light jersey was the home jersey, but then they changed that. My brother suggested that I could simply learn the numbers of the players but this was the pre-lock out season where I believe the Capitals set a record for the largest roster as they traded players like it was going out of style.
And finally, the dark jersey had the Capitol dome and hockey sticks. And since buildings are not fearsome I thought it was silly and preferred the light jersey with the screaming and diving eagle.
So, I appreciate the lack of dome on the new jersey. And the red is fine. I like the retro colors (retro in the sense that prior jerseys took advantage of this color scheme) and the retro lettering. And the name font looks way better than the previous multi-colored over serifed font that was causing me problems. (Mental note, must get to a game next season.) So, overall, I am pleased but I wish the eagle hadn't been relegated to the shoulders. (I also wish the eagle wasn't red now, but I'll deal.)