Monday, June 04, 2007

Good Ghouls Do

A while ago, I won an ARC for Good Ghouls Do by Julie Kenner. I have not yet read The Good Ghoul's Guide to Getting Even, so I was diving in without a net, so to speak. I found the book really enjoyable.
In the first book, Beth Frasier was unwittingly turned into a vampire by classmates who hoped her geekiness would work in their favor and help her figure out the secret to vampires being able to go around in daylight. (There is much discussion about the additional horrors of trying to be normal in high school when you can't go out in the daylight and you don't want your parents to know.) There is a bit of a love triangle, Beth's boyfriend was recently vampirized himself (by Beth) and Beth isn't sure how much he likes that and there is a very cute college boy who happens to be a slayer.
All in all it was a really enjoyable story. I liked Beth's voice and found it realistically teen like and I enjoyed the story and am intrigued enough to keep my eye out for the rest.