Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun With Anagrams

This is way too much fun. If you type you name in here - the Anagram server will come up with anagrams of your name.

Some favorites that my name spit out:
Yearned Tank
A Naked Entry
A Yanked Rent
A Taken Nerdy
Knead Nae Try
Ranted Ya Ken
Tad Yarn Keen
Take Any Nerd
Earn Tank Dye
A Unladylike Tanker
A Kayaked Tiller Nun
A Natural Keyed Link
A Unaltered Yak Kiln
A Ladylike Rant Nuke
A Nailed Leaky Trunk
A Talkier Lanky Nude
A Reliant Lanky Duke

Thanks to the Cherry who forwarded me this link.