Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dear Folks #11

Dear Folks,
As someone who grew up in a residential area where an office building and later law school was placed, I understand the need for residential parking to give people who live busy places a shot a parking near their house.
However, the first final block of Arkansas Avenue was a haven where people visiting friends, or who had not yet gotten their registration changed could park. It is a street theoretically subject to street cleaning, so parkers have to exercise caution about what side they park on Mondays and Tuesdays, but since the whole south side of that block and most of the north side has no houses, it meant folks could park without fear of interfering with residents of that street.
So why, I ask, does the south side now have residential parking signs? The side that has no residents except squirrels, who I feel certain have not demanded humans stop parking in front of their living space? Was there an excess of residential parking signs? Were the signs intended to go on the north side, where the eastern end of the block has housing? Or are you just messing with folks to see what happens?
Just Trying to Park