Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dear Folks #12

Dear Bikers,
I understand that Beach Drive is a gorgeous stretch of road that travels right through Rock Creek Park, making it an ideal place to bike. In fact, the Park Service agrees, so in addition to all the bike paths and such, they close the road down to motor traffic on weekends and holidays.
On weekdays, bikers and motor vehicles attempt to co-exist peacefully. And yet, you bikers are not helping. If you are going to bike during rush hour, and choose the road over the bike path - I have a few suggestions. Please, for example be fit enough to travel at a pace greater that seven miles an hour. Yes, I know there are hills and such, but I am assuming you have at some point driven a car and understand how difficult it is to drive a car that slow. Please consider leaving your small children at home. Or taking them to the bike path. And please wear a helmet. And really, if you are not biking your way to work or some appointment, please consider making your leisure trip not during morning rush hour.
Trying to Get to Work