Monday, June 18, 2007

Knitting Updates

My camera is currently AWOL so you will simply have to imagine, but:
I have finished the front of Intoxicating. This pattern is still so much fun - we'll see if I enjoy the back mosaic as much.
I have finished the front of the Diagonal Triangle Tank. The back was making progress but it is also, um, hiding right now.
I was overcome with the idea of making Askew with the Patons SWS since it's variegated but a bit softer than Noro - as much as I love Noro so cast on for that Friday. I promise I did leave the house this weekend, but nonetheless have finished the two front pieces and am working on the back. This pattern is so much fun that I may do it again with the Noro I had stashed for another Knitty project.