Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Question of Taste

I want to state unequivocally that absolutely everyone has the right to dislike or like whatever they want. Especially when it comes to entertainment. That having been said, I confess to some amusement. I read a lot (you may have noticed). A lot of authors work in multiple genres. This is apparently confusing to readers and booksellers. So, even though there are often things on the spine that would help identify the genre that this particular story falls into (although admittedly, even that is only so helpful) since booksellers often try to help readers by putting works by the same author in the same place, some authors use multiple pen names to try to differentiate between their stuff. And yet, no matter what, there is always someone who complains that the furturistic story was too futuristic. That the serial killer book was too icky. That the book marked novel spent not enough time on the romance. (I have yet to hear someone complain that there was too much romance, but perhaps I just hang with the wrong crowds.)
And, in many cases, the author is held responsible for this. Now, if it's not your taste that's fine. And it's a hard thing to separate your taste from good or bad, but if a story goes places you don't like going that's one thing. And no one's saying you have to be happy you spent money on it, or go buy more of them. (Or at least, I'm not). But if you find serial killers creepy, don't read about them. I find vampires incredibly ooky, and so, for the most part, stay away from them. (Sorry, MJ.) I have made exceptions, and sometimes I'm happy with that and sometimes not. But it's not any author's fault that I have vampire issues. And it's certainly not their fault when I pick up a book I know full well has vampires and start reading it.
So, I guess what I'm trying to say here is we all have boxes or boundaries or likes and dislikes. But, if it's not you stay away. Or if you are really worried you're missing out on something because of predisposition and you give it a shot but it doesn't work - fine. But stop blaming the author.