Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On the Needles

I am in a Mason Dixon phase. Don't worry my starter-itis has plans for a No Sheep phase and maybe a Knitty Gritty phase also. So.
Log Cabin Blanket - Still in progress. I was in the local craft store and they did not have more of the Patons SWS yarn, so I may make it a lap blanket. Or change to standard Paton Wool for the outer edges. We shall see. The joy of log cabin is that it is very pliable that way.

Baby Kimono - I am working on a baby kimono which I have adjusted to fit a one year old. Although I am starting to worry that the one year old in question, might need more of an 18 month size, so we shall see. I am using Sugar N Cream yarn due to its durability.
Perfect Sweater - I am using TLC Cotton yarn, so I am tweaking the size a little since I don't know that the TLC stretches quite as much as Cascade. The TLC also has gorgeous stitch definition which is great, although it hides no errors.

Abstract Blanket - Still in progress, though not much progress being made right now.