Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bubble, Bubble

I'm sure each year everyone has one show on the bubble. And I'm sure that the high amounts I watch contribute to my feeling that TV execs don't want me to be happy. But according to various sources the following shows that I watch are in danger.

Veronica Mars: Come on. Don't make hate those dolls. It's a good show with loyal viewers. Isn't that enough?

How I Met Your Mother: Nothing for sure here, just one oblique reference that seems to point to them not being loved. It's a great show that has the potential to be "Friends"-like in its success.

Gilmore Girls: This is contract issue, and I'm fine with however that shakes out.

Friday Night Lights: Best new show this year. Seriously.

Standoff: Cute seems like the wrong word for a show about hostage negotiation, but it kinda is.

The Game - Very cute. And I really think they've done a great job developing the characters this year - being funny without being dumb.