Friday, March 02, 2007

I Must be a Hero

I recently was in a group where we each revealed the super power we most wish to have. (I opted for "Heroes" Peter's power, that to absorb everyone else's.) Well, it is possible that my powers are starting to reveal themselves. It all started yesterday. I had a meeting in Bethesda and since I am still trasiting publicly, I took the bus. The rain had mostly stopped once the meeting ended but I was still soaked from my earlier outing, so sat in the bus shelter helpfully provided at the stop. It was also so I could hunch up and try to stay warm as winter weather and wet wool are not the warmest combination.
I knew I had a wait since the prior bus had gone by while I was waiting to cross and the one River Road bus is once every thirty minutes, so I reached into my bag and grabbed a Soduku. Apparently, depsite the streetlight placed close to the shelter, and the shelter's clear side placed to make me visible to approaching traffic, I was rendered invisible such that the bus blew right by me in my tan clothing. Well, I was understandably annoyed, especially as perusal of the schedule revealed that the next bus was not for an hour and I had started to shiver. But I decided that I would keep a better eye out to try to better flag down the next bus, and attributed it to not being a super busy spot for passengers.
Well, a second Soduku later, I saw the next bus and it already had it's blinkers on and was slowing down. Yay! I stood and was ready when it stopped, but waited for the disembarking passenger only to have the driver shut the doors. Once I knocked on them he did re-open them, only to ask me where I came from. So, clearly, I have developed the power of invisibility.
What remains to be seen are the parameters of this new found power. Does it only work at night, only in bus shelters? Or could I learn to use it at work or family functions? I'll keep you posted.