Monday, March 05, 2007

I Prefer the Term Super Fan

Yes, that was me. Lani Diane Rich, author, Cherry, Literary Chick and TWoPer sent out a request for a stalker. And some crazed internet defenders. I volunteered. She said she was out of applications when I saw her at the Turn the Page signing, but I'm not letting a little thing like that stop me. I have travelled across states to hang out with authors - I just had to cross one measly border. (And okay, I'm not planning on giving up my day job for this, so I'm willing to share here.) But I can be a stalker, er, super fan. I can show up where there are books being sold and signed. I can tell people how much I love what they do. Really, I've done it for people I didn't even know. In the cold. Showing up at a bookstore is a piece of cake. Well, some bookstores, but like I said I'm willing to share.