Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Am Not Anti-Sheep Per Se

...but I love Amy R Singer's No Sheep For You. I love the information. I love the patterns. Seriously - I think there's maybe one pattern in there I don't want to immediately cast on for. I love the fact that it is circular needle friendly (let all you straight needle aficionados do the knitty math for a change - not that I'm judging). I've got a Cable & O's cardigan cast on. I have plans for a Tuscany shawl and a Morrigan sweater. The pictures are all beautiful, but without the weird, tilted catalog poses you sometimes see that scream this pattern only looks good on special people and only when they stand like this. So, I will have pictures of my knits in progress (KIP) soon. (Left the camera card at home.) And I have joined the knitalong. And the swap. Oh yeah.