Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Perhaps I Should Stop Reading in Public

Or - Another Book Rave

I started reading Adios to My Old Life by Caridad Ferrer on Sunday. Coincidentally, this weekend they announced the RITA finalists Sunday, and Adios is a double nominee. Let me tell you, despite the discussions going on (Smart Bitches, Super Librarian, etc) as to the relevance of the RITA, I feel this is so deserved. Adios is the story of Ali Montero, a seventeen year old musician who sneaks off to audition for a new television show to find the next Latin superstar. Ali makes it in and then, as the title suggests, things begin to change. She is the youngest finalist, and the show requires her to have a chaperone to avoid the appearance of impropriety since the show is being aired throughout Latin America. Competition heats up and the show also puts them through some reality show challenges. But really, it's a great story. A story of a daughter coming into her own, and her father's adjustment to that. A story of a teen in the middle of one of the craziest things that could ever happen to a person, finds herself falling in love with a production assistant on the show, and the potential tangles that could cause. A story of two best friends trying to figure out what their separating paths might mean to their friendship. And the story of a young woman standing up for herself and stretching herself.
By the end of my mornign commute on Monday I was halfway through. I went grocery shopping last night, so had some time before the next bus. I stopped at Starbucks and read for a few minutes before making my way to the bus stop. And, the book made me cry. So here I am in Starbucks, and the book is making me cry. So, i had to put it down and try to think non-emotional thoughts for a moment. I may need to keep alternate in public reading of some sort on hand.
Anyway, it was totally worth it. It's a great story. Much like "Buffy" and "Veronica" weren't just high school stories, neither is this.