Monday, January 25, 2021

2020 Reading Tally

171 books.   Not my highest year, but a good showing.
7 were novellas. 4 were rereads.  
Other years of extensive reading data analysis here, here, here, and also here and here. .  
135 authors.
Oldest book read was from 1994 - a book club "classic" read choice.  
90 were from 2020, so I was somewhat impressively current.  (Somewhat because books don't go stale.)
68 were new to me authors.  This is always true, but in 2020 in particular new to me included people I've followed for years on Twitter who had a book finally released and/or people who've already won multiple awards. So new to me is not always debut, and debut means many things these days.  
Most read was a three way split between Jackie Lau/Laura Jardine, Jessie Mihalik, and Rebekah Weatherspoon at 4 each.  Did it help some of these were novellas or rereads?  I'm guessing yes.
February was the least productive reading month with 8 finished. October - where I had a staycation week - I completed 23.  (Not all of those were started in October.)  
5 rereads.  
3 paper books. 37 audio. Remainder were e.  
51 were library books.  Shout out to the local library systems that made online renewal or reupping easy.  
73 romance, 54 ya.  
Contemporary is still my jam, although I did read some fascinating ones that blended magic and folklore this year.
By my likely flawed count about 80 of these books were own voices for at least part of the traditionally marginalized characteristics that the characters represented.  
And I decided that I wasn't going to pick a best of the best.  But if you want to review some of my faves that I read last year, the quarterly roundups are here, here, here, and here.