Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 - The Reading Stats

After freaking out that some really good books sales this year had gotten my tbr pile to never before seen proportions - I like to have enough stashed so that if I had to get through the next few weeks, or even months without hitting a bookstore I could, but what with people releasing new books on a near daily basis, I try not to have, say a year's worth of reading - it turns out while it is still higher than I normally like, it is less than a year's worth. Phew. I know you were worried.
In 2009, I read 127 books. A smidge more than last year, but still not as high as 2007.
Highest reading month was December with 19. Lowest was March with 4. (So, basically, year to year there seems to be no clear trend for high and low reading.)
I read 82 different authors (which matches 2007).
The author I read the most was Nora Roberts (if we include her J.D. Robb self, which I did) at 6.
66 were part of a series.
118 were released this year, making me a new release junkie.
E-books took a much higher percentage this year with 93 being e-books.
Well, now, back to reading...or knitting...