Wednesday, January 13, 2021

"I Hate It Here" at Studio Theater

Content notes: strong language, toxic workplaces, references to death, sexual harassment, the pandemic, police brutality, and racist assault.

Told in vignettes with the occasional musical interludes as an audio play, this story is, well it's about feeling stuck in the crappy timeline. Economically depressed RVers, folks grappling with moral dilemmas, and folks figuring out how to get by when presented with a series of suboptimal choices. 
Like many vignette style stories, there are thematic links but is also feels like a bit of a trap to try and find too many links. One could say the linkage is in the eye of the beholder.
I confess I think the first few minutes start strong and you will quickly know if this is your kind of thing or not. 
If you are good at voices, you may spot voices as they reappear in later vignettes. Much like with onstage performances, the story moves fast enough that it's easy enough to look that up later.  
I did try to stay near my device and focus hard, but the call of distractions is strong when surrounded by all your things.  Audio plays obviously live or die on the spoken word, but the dialogue here was especially rich even when profane.  The sound mixing was stellar.  
Available for free through March 7th, 2021.