Monday, January 05, 2009

2008 - the Year in Books

Well, for 2008, I was a big slacker. Total books read was 124, quite a bit less than last year. (Perhaps knitting really did muck up my reading time this year. At least I was having fun somehow.)
That puts the monthly average at about 10 a month. The lowest month was November at a whopping total of 2 (clearly NaNo interfered a bit also). Surprisingly, my highest month was February at 18. I did fly out to Salt Lake that month, leading to plenty of plane time (plus jet lag usually increases my reading time a bit).
I read 72* different authors, which was less diverse than last year, but percentage-wise, I still think that was pretty well-rounded of me. And the author I read the most books by in 2008, was Gena Showalter at 8. I was still a big series junkie** - with 77 of those falling into some sort of series or related book thing. I also read quite a lot of new fiction this year, with 60 being 2008 publications. (That number is a bit skewed, some of the e-versions were printed this year, or some were reprinted this year, but a lot of them were new for 2008.)
One of my friends complained that I seemed to win a lot of books, so, I tracked that this year, and the number was a respectable 11. (In fairness, I picked up a few more at RWA conference and such, but they didn't get read this year.)
This year was the first year I really dove into e-books, and that accounted for 34 or those read for 2008. E-books also made hunting down categories much easier, so my categories this year were a healthy 23.
And according to my own personal categorization, I read 102 Romances. The highest sub-category was surprisingly (to me) contemporary at 40, although paranormal (31) and romantic suspense (32) were also well represented.

*I counted authors rather than pen names.
**Series were counted is the book had characters that will or have appeared in other books. I counted it regardless of my intent to read any of the related books.