Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Books: 2007 Reading Stats

This is one of those things that is probably much more interesting to me than anyone else, but oh well. Just because, I tracked which books I read this year on a monthly basis.
Total Books Read: 159*
Banner Month for Reading was March where I plowed through 20 books. (I was commuting by public transportation that month.) October and November I only made it through 8 (or my list making fell apart - we shall see).
I read 82 different authors which I think was pretty well-rounded of me.
The author I read the most in 2007 was Catherine Mann - 14 - helped immensely by the fact that I discovered her in 2006 and she has an extensive backlist that I am still working through. She also had five new releases in 2007, three of which I got to.
99 of the books were part if a series, confirming that I adore series.

*I counted re-reads if I re-read the whole thing from start to finish rather than skipping to the good bits. Anthologies I counted as one book.
**I counted authors rather than pen names.
***Series were counted is the book had characters that will or have appeared in other books. So, Vicki Lewis Thompson's Nerd books I did not count as a series since the titles and themes are similar but the characters are not, at least in the ones I've read. I counted it regardless of my intent to read any of the related books.