Thursday, November 15, 2007

Proud to be Unoriginal

When I saw Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat - it spoke to me. Something about a quick project on big needles or something. Although I used skinnier yarn, so even doubled it wasn't quite as quick but it was just as fun and this may be this year's knitting potato chips for me. (I'm such a flitter knitter, who can tell.)
So - using yarn from my lovely swappers, I cast on.
I started with the Burgundy Cherry Tree Hill yarn and while I used the yarn doubled, I also doubled the stiches. I did this in stockinette for a little over an inch, then I did a purl row and one more knit row. The idea was to create a little itch preventing liner. Then I upped the needle size and did one row of all decreases to get the stitches back to normal. I did end up making the simple cable (compared to the, um, two part cable that separates and comes back together) eight across instead of four across because the Araucania Magallanes is a lighter weight, even doubled, and I have a big head. (Literally.)
Unoriginal Hat
I still need to sew up the brim (although its is cute with the roll effect, it does not help with the slight itch in it's current configuration).
So, I cast on Saturday evening while movie watching, and worked a little Sunday Morning and then again Sunday evening so it wasn't quite the one one movie sitting I imagine it would have been if I used chunkier yarn but it was still quick. And fun. And I like the end result.