Thursday, November 29, 2007

Intentional or Not - You be the Judge

Okay, I adored the menswear edition of "Project Runway" for many reasons last night. (I'm sure it says something about me that I was much more excited for the designers to meet Tiki Barber than Sarah Jessica Parker, not that I don't think SJP is lovely.) But, for me, the moment where I just lost it was with Elisa - who does have a special organic, let's just see where it goes and oh I imbued it with my essence kind of thing - but even so had produced really nice garments (okay the first had that fugly train thing, but if you took the train away...). But so while everyone else was really enjoying the opportunity to work with male models, Elisa, very sweetly mentioned that she was not comfortable watching him undress so she was going to turn away while he changed into her outfit. And in the interview she said, "I have a boyfriend, and he is actually the only person I've ever fitted on intimately." Now, most of me is sure she only meant fitted in the tailoring, garment making sense. But come on, the double entendre is just so...there.