Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Power of Reading

Many of us feel that the radio DJ is spying on us because we will hear break up songs when we are heartbroken and love songs when we are not. I have heard that should you start thinking about having kids, the world seems to fill up with pregnant folk and folk holding tiny babies. God knows, you can be surrounded by the coupled at inopportune times.
Books often work the same way. You will find something in a story that just reaches out, possibly even makes you wonder if the author might have been reading your diary. And sometimes, reading about a character's story can help you with yours. That is of course why those of us who love reading spend so much time discussing it because we understand how these stories and their entertainment can have deeper meaning. (It is also why we get annoyed when something comes close and doesn't quite seem to make it.)
But really, all of this is to get you to click on this link, where someone else talks about how reading helped them. Go on.