Monday, November 12, 2007

It's Not That I Mind My Age

I really don't mind being in my thirties. Sure, when I was thirteen I had grand plans for who I would be by now, but I am happy where I am. No, the thing that continues to get me is all these young people. And that each year the people who are younger than me - well there are a lot of them.
I called one friend (back in our twenties) and said, "Do you realize there are professional football players that are our age? Or younger?" (Now some of them who are my age are retired, but we won't even go there.) My friend had gone to a football school so she was quite aware of this, and not so impressed with my revelation.
I was in Starbucks with a friend who pointed to a group of teens seated nearby and said, "They could be our kids." No they could not! I mean okay, technically I am theoretically biologically capable of producing children, and have been so long enough that I could have produced a teen. But even my grand plans (not that those count for much) never had me parenting a teen at this stage of life.
And sure, there was the time they handed me the youth group list with all the birthdates and I realized several of them were born after I graduated high school.
But here's what I just realized. All those people younger than me? There are more of them born every day. Every day more and more people who are younger than me come into this world.
In some ways - it's a bit comforting. There are so many. It's the circle of life. And let's face it - I can't change my age, and don't want to. But man, there are a lot of you young folks. Now, get off the lawn.