Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Book Obsession

Okay, be honest with me here, this happens to other people, right? Today is the release of Alyssa Day's latest warriors of Poseidon book, Atlantis Awakening and I get twitchy just thinking about. I need this book. Need to have it in my possession. I need it even though I have a book stack that's a bit high when you factor in the crazy work hours plus NaNo. I need it even though I am in the middle of a book and I just bought several books this weekend (signed even) that I want to read right now. (Okay not right now, but the second I finish what I'm reading now.)
And really, they will still have copies tomorrow or Thursday. I think. I'm sure the print run on this one was bigger so that I don't have to worry they will run out the way they did with Atlantis Rising.
It's like the yarn thing. As Yarn Harlot says, "What if some strange disease made all the sheep bald tomorrow?". Or wiped out the cotton plants. You wouldn't laugh at all the times you bought four skeins of something because it was too pretty to leave behind. You'd feel pretty smart.
And while the writer's guild strike doesn't affect book writers (unless they are also script writers, but they can and will still write books) it does mean I'll have a little more reading time. So really, it's totally normal to want to stock up. Right?
Just in case some strange occurrence prevents me from getting to the book store tomorrow.
Update: Twitching over. Got it. Read it. Loved it.