Saturday, November 17, 2007

Repost: Being Helpful

I got the same emails again this year, so I am reposting this with an updated link.

I figure anyone who reads blogs, probably knows about Snopes, but some things it doesn't occur to you (or me) to even validate and since I got this email from three unrelated sources in three days, I thought I would pass it on. There is an email circulating suggesting you send a card to a recovering soldier this holiday season. And while that is a fabulous and amazing idea, the postal service - for the safety of the military personnel - no longer accepts mail addressed generically to "A Wounded Soldier" or "Any Servicemember". However, Walter Reed lists on their site several organizations who support service members and their families, including America Supports You which allows you to email a service member. Also, the Red Cross is running a mail call where you send cards to them, and they distribute them to servicefolks. So, if you wish to do this, these are the ways that your support will actually get through.