Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All the Pretty Pencils

I read a lot of blogs - journal blogs, knit blogs, television blogs, pop culture blogs, and writer blogs. So, I have run across a link or two or five about the writer's strike. I was reading Pamie when the significance of the WGA strike occurring during NaNo hit me. I don't mean that in the sense that they planned it that way. But isn't it interesting that at this time of year when writers, many of them not currently holding that as their official (ie paid) job around the world dedicate themselves to trying to write 50,000 words in a month (in addition to working those other jobs, and maybe cooking or cleaning or knitting or hanging with the cat, and sleeping too) that a group of writers have agreed to stop working until they can get a contract that includes things like the internet. (In case it catches on.)
I am working on owning the title of writer, and part of my struggle is that since I don't get paid for it (right now) it doesn't seem like my job. But that's silly, if all I wanted to do was make money I would have gone and learned to be a computer programmer back when. And I do write. Maybe not every day (I'm working on that.) But I have no trouble calling myself a knitter and I've been doing that for way less time than I've been writing.
But these people who call themselves writers with ease and dedicate themselves trying to make that their job every day (even though we all know shows get canceled at the drop of a hat and the next crop of shows doesn't come out for a while) they had to stop. So, while I sit there staring at the screen wishing it was as easy at it seems when I think about this stuff in the shower, other folks who had great ideas for stories to tell me, had to stop.