Monday, April 16, 2007

With a Sad Heart

My heart goes out to the students, staff, faculty and families at Virginia Tech.

From "The Worst Spiritual Idea in the World" by Rev. Scott Alexander

None of us knows (when we languidly stir from our sleep some ordinary morning) whether the day ahead will be marked by ordinary, comforting rhythms or some unimaginable, painful unfairness...we are free (radically free) to be embraced and blessed by what life has so graciously placed before us...loved-ones (dear God, ever and always our loved ones) to reassure us that we have a place in this creation as precious and valued human beings.

Do you want more? Does your heart seek a more spectacular promise from life itself? I’ll tell you what I believe. The abundant grace of this world (that comes to each of us, whether we deserve it or not) is enough ---blessedly enough. Grace is not parceled out fairly, but it is holy, and it saves us, little by little, each day we open our eyes to life.