Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ninety Five

This week my family will gather to celebrate my maternal grandmother turning 95. (My paternal grandmother will follow suit later this year.) My grandmother has lived in several states, on both coasts and has travelled across the world. My maternal grandmother will never read this entry since she suffers from macular degeneration, that has stripped most of her vision. She has a hearing aid to help her hear. And her sense of smell deserted her quite a while ago. She has four children and eight grandchildren. (We have been slacking on the great-grandchildren front, and while I expect that will eventually change, we are currently debating as to who should step up to the plate on this.) She has two Siamese cats. Happy birthday!

Updated: One of my cousins has taken the baton on the great grandchildren front, and I understand is cooking something up for this summer.