Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Thoughts on Being a Rogue Knitter

Yes, I am a little in love with this term. In part because rogue knitter sounds better than lazy knitter or crazy knitter or arrogant knitter, although those are all a little bit true too. If you a person who likes to know stuff, enjoys learning stuff, all sorts of stuff, then sometimes it can be hard to admit that some stuff you just don't want to do.
See knitting is a hobby. But it is a hobby I have and will spend a lot of time and money on. But it is a hobby. At this point I have no plans to become a famous knitter or even a paid knitter. I went through this when I was heavy into beading. People would say, "You should sell that!" And I thanked them for the compliment, but I wasn't doing it to make money. Sure I have and will again made stuff for other people as gifts. But it was fun for me. And I wanted it to stay fun. I didn't want to have to sit at tables at fairs, or set up and ebay account or any of those things. I just wanted it to be fun.
The same with knitting. I buy yarn and books. I blog. I participate in swaps and knitalongs. But in the end it is fun. I don't wear socks, so I am not going to spend time learning how to knit socks, even if I could sell them. (Okay, I am a little tempted by one of the Cat Bordhi ones, but that's different.)
When I see something pretty, I want to knit it. It never occurred to me I had to use the colors or the yarn in the pattern - I viewed the patterns as templates. Sometimes this didn't work out so well, and while sure the finished project is the goal here, the knitting is supposed to be fun too. So I start new projects when old ones bore me. Sure, I try to go back and finish them. But I have many that didn't stand the test of time. I pulled them out of the bag they had been stuffed in, and saw yarn that craved a better project as often as I saw a project I wanted to re-start.
People sometimes ask me what made me think to combine those yarns or they this technique, and generally my answer is, it didn't occur to me to not do it. Really. I often buy yarn without any idea of what it will become, so I will pile together skeins until it seems they have a plan.
Because it is fun. I am doing this because knitting is fun. Creating things is fun. Even if I don't finish them or they turn out wonky, its fun. Because if it isn't, I need a better hobby.