Monday, April 02, 2007

My Phone Lost Weight

This is so silly. When I bought my phone, it came with a little phone case - just a vinyl jobbie that offered some protective covering for the keys and screen and had a clip attached. I feel silly clipping my phone to my person, but sometimes, it didn't fit in my pocket or my outfit didn't have pockets, so I would clip it on. Generally my phone lives in my purse, so the clip got used maybe four times. And - particularly in warmer weather, I want to move to a smaller purse. And yet, my phone took up so much space. I started looking covetously at other people's phones. The skinny ones. One friend has a wristlet purse she can fit her ID, keys and phone into. My phone wouldn't fit. (My keys wouldn't either, but I am working on that.)
My last phone had a case where the clip came off. This one - no. And so, I started looking at phone deals. And then I decided to take the case off. (I know - radical.) And - I love my phone again. It has honestly lost about two thirds of its depth. I feel a little silly for not having tried this sooner. Yeah, now I risky mint dust or whatever in the phone. But it fits in my little purse. With keys and wallet. Oh - it's so cool.