Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Know You Can't Change People

But that doesn't stop me (us) from wanting to try. I have a co-worker who is scatter-brained about meetings. Which would be fine, except he schedules them. He sends meeting notices and changes them with little warning (or heads up time). He sends notices at the crack of dawn for 8:30am calls. He sends agendas with the wrong people on them or with conflicting times. And I can't decide. If I keep pointing out these discrepancies, am I a nut? At what point to I stop expecting change from a fully grown person, who apologizes nicely and yet continues to do the same thing? Is it my approach? If I polite sat this person down and explained that it was really difficult to keep my own schedule when I can't keep track of which meetings they hope I will be on, would that work? Or do I just accept that this is par for the course any time I am stuck on a project with this person?