Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Snow Can Only Slow Them

It is sort of intersting when you think about it. Postal Carriers are a group of people we all depend on, probably (hopefully) more often than police, fire service, and paramedics. And yet there are no movies or television shows about postal workers. Sure there was a postal challenge on season one of "Project Runway" (Jay was robbed), and Tommy Lee Jones' character in "Men in Black 2" goes to work in the post office, but really the two most well known fictional postal workers are Cliff from "Cheers" and Newman from "Seinfeld" who are both best known for not working.
As someone once said, if you handed your best friend thirty nine cents and a letter and said, "Hey take this to California for me," they would laugh at you. (Even if you are in California, I suspect thirty nine cents would not be enough to convince a firend to make a delivery for you.) So, the US Postal Service, as much as we all gripe about the rising stamp price, is still a good deal.
And why am I talking about postal workers today? Well, as you likely know, the postal service delivers six days a week (except holidays). AS you probably also know there was a huge storm in Denver that left tons of people and planes and such stranded. Well, postal workers went in to work this past Sunday and even Monday and went out on their routes to help get packages and mail to people who may be expecting it for the holidays. So, thank you.