Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kilt Thoughts

I hope that the shortage of kilts gets the same treatment that other military shortages got. Just saying.
As a wench and someone who attended school in Scotland, I have seen my share of kilts. At faire (or fest)one has to be on the lookout for kilt checks (which Utilikilt amusingly lists as an advantage to wearing them).
Kilts are like all clothes, in that some people look better in them than others. They turn out to be quite slimming. And, as females already knew, true Scotsmen or not, it requires some changes to the way one sits. I went to a school with a uniform and we wore shorts under our skirts, theoretically to speed changing for gym but really so that we could sit however we wanted (especially sine we also rolled our skirts up to make them shorter). My father was quite concerned that I would forget my skirt etiquette and have a Lindsey Britney fashion faux pas - I explained that I really was able to recall when I was wearing shorts and when I was not.
Since kilts at university were brought out for dorm balls and formal dinners, there were students who decided to try them for the first time. They were often easy to spot as they would gather in the lounge (our dorm was a former hotel, and so had a great lounge/lobby area) sitting spread-eagled, often with one leg propped up. Fortunately the folks who did that tended not to be exploring their true Scotmanship. (Do guys not have to think about coordinating their underwear with their outfit? Because I saw a lot of polka dots - polka dots with plaid is not a good choice. And yes, I should never need know, but still.) Their was one incident in particular where my friend and I ended up in prime viewing position and - as we tried to look away and not look at each other either - ended up in hysterics. The object of our hysteria did not make the connection until one of the others seated with us told him to close his legs. Perhaps you had to be there.

PS Thanks to the Cherry who sent me the link!