Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's Not Just Me

I’ve been doing a lot of online training lately, and while overall the training is great and it’s great that we have it and I like being able to jump in and out of a course as my workload permits, there’s been a little something starting. I was starting to get bored. Sure, it could be my sometimes short attention span. It could be that I usually do a few screens of training, do something else, a few more screens, and so on. Or it could be that some of these courses assume I am pretty dumb. I tried to brush it off, we all have different skill levels and experience levels. It’s just because I’m bored that it seems silly. But in a course that states its target audience are HR professionals, do I really need a test on the difference between mental and physical abilities? Honestly, the first screen I was willing to allow that they were being thorough and not assuming too much prior knowledge. But do I seriously need to be quizzed – if I ask you to lift a box is that a physical or a mental ability?* I was tempted to get it wrong to see if the little good job/try again box that popped up would say something along the lines of: really at this point you may want to consider another career. But my competitive nature will not allow that. Maybe after I finish.

*This is not an actual quote. But it is seriously close to the real question.